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Instructor Podium Challenge Coin Farewell Gift with business card holder. Will fit approximately 25-30 coins depending on the size. The back two slots are slightly wider to fit thicker coins. 

Podium is SOLD BLANK which means the customization, memorabilia and engraving plates will need to be purchased and added by the buyer separately.

Handmade and built myself.

Dimensions: 7in Deep x 9in Wide x 14in Tall

Coins are not included

**NOTE** I am on Active Duty, so my items on hand are very limited or are mostly made to order. Please understand that my job in the Army at times is demanding and I may not be able to ship out until Saturday. If I do not have any in inventory, it may take me up to 2-4 weeks to build additional podiums.

Instructor Podium Farewell Gift

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